About Me

I’m Michael Lam. I’m a Cat 3 cyclist living in Colorado with a keen interest in health.

This blog isn’t about drugs, supplements or quick fixes. It’s about making lifestyle changes based upon our biology and psychology to improve health and athletic performance.

Hawaii, 2016.

Racing Bicycles

My first season of road racing was in 2014. I spent most of my first season getting dropped, but I managed a few decent results towards the end of the season.

I managed my first podium in 2015. I lost the Salida Crit by a fraction. I’m the guy in the coral jersey.

Salida Crit 2015.

This irked me no end even though I was fortunate to podium at all, given that the leading two crashed in the final corner.

I made lifestyle changes. I worked on my mental game. I joined Primal-Audi Denver. I focused and trained hard. In 2016, I won the Salida Crit this time around. I also won five other races, numerous podiums and the overall BRAC Road Cup in Cat 4. What I’ve achieved is a drop in the ocean for some, yet I’m exceedingly proud of fulfilling and exceeding my goals.

Salida Crit 2016.

I’m not sure if I will ever be able to return to the shape that I was in 2016, but I will always do my best to get both results for myself and my teammates. That’s part of the beauty of road racing for me - it’s a team sport where you can contribute regardless if you are on form.

At the Primal team camp in Moab, 2016. Photo credit: Primal Wear, Inc.

Moving to Colorado

I moved to Colorado with my wife Kate after living in England for 28 years. The choice was driven by a desire to live in a sunnier climate, to have a short commute time, to ride my bike in the mountains and to start racing.

Personal and Family Health

My outlook on health was forever changed upon two events in my life. When I was 19, my father died from colon cancer and watching him deteriorate in his final years was hard to take in. A few years later, I became afflicted with cholinergic urticaria - a horrible disease that made my whole body feel as if it was on fire. It was triggered by slight changes in temperature or by stress. I lived with this disease for a number of years, seeing doctors and dermatologists. Finally, a treatment worked. It was an increase in sun exposure and UVB phototherapy that gradually cured my condition. I’m pleased to say I’m now free of this condition. The painful memories have etched in me a hardened mentality to never experience anything like this again.

I now believe that the effect of sunlight on optimizing mitochondrial function, and the subsequent role of the mitochondria in immune system regulation of mast cells, is the reason that sun exposure cured my affliction with cholinergic urticaria. This is described on my blog post, Sunlight and Circadian Rhythms - the Number One Determinant of our Health and Longevity.